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i wish it was better formated for keyboards

have to say thats an impressive game for only having 2 days

do you yet have a confermed date for the next update or is it still a little fogy and i have some ideas for the bullits since there is alot of automatic weapons like the m4 and ak-47 so they would have a few bullits like one version of a bullit that shoots slower but dose more damage but for semi auto weapons since theres only 2 the sniper and pistol so there could be many differet varints of bullits for example one variant of bullits for the sniper that shoots faster but dose less damage another variant  would be a poisin bullit that shoots at the same speed dose a little less damage and poisins the enemy over time and mabey some day the bullits can be added

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im wondering if a top down perspective in the future is possible and what about different levels of armour like in a map i will make if this update is made i will put different levels of armour at harder spots to get like you have to parckore to them

can you tell me how the market place will work

what featers do you plan on adding to the game

are you ever thinking in the futer mod support

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subscribe and like the video if you like it here is my opinon on all the different guns (srry for the low mic qwality) exept the flame thrower and rpg

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do you have any things that you know your going to implemet in the future  i would like to cover on my channle some of the things we have talked about and thank you for responding to all my comments and srry for bombarding you 24/7 with comments

you know what would be realy cool being able to change bullets that give new qwalitys to your gun (ai would just have the normal bullits)for example  for the sniper you can find bullits that make it shoot faster but do less damge you could place these bullits on the ground or bullits would also work good for the market place like when you buy the gun it gives the assortment of bullits at different prices and a short discription i would like to know if you think this is a good idea and just mabey put it in this update or the next and i also have a qwestion what do you think about implementing zombie spawners

sounds like a cool update

thank you for replying im happy to know you have taken my suggestions into consideration and do you have a solid time for when the next update will be relased or is there no solid release date and also can you tell me some new things coming in the near futer updates this is a great game and i am planing to cover this game on my youtube channle if you are fine with that

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its hard to tell depth in the 3d mode like stacking blocks but if the biulding editor stayed the same i could live with that and this next thing may be asking for to much but mabey add a humve like the army jeep for large maps so you can move around faster also talking about speed can you make the enemy walking speed ajustable but will also affect your movment speed thank you for paying attention to the comunety oh and for the guns i recomend a revolver and more costomizalbe side arms a remington shotgun and a springfeild im also fine if these take more than one update or if thay are bad ideas and should not be implemented

i like the game ang it has the potential to be a great game but theres a few things missing 1 you cant change your side arm pleas add new side arms (i mean the pistol) mabey add 2revolvers and another pistol there is also only 2 weapons for the scout and enginer thats like the bare minumum  2 add some new maps 

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the building system needs improvments and add more semi automatic guns but i still love this game great concept and one of the best fps on great work

i like the game and it is a good start and is butiful but right now but, its a little to bassic i only got about 2 hours of play time before i got bord, to improve this mabey add some new featers like mining and other structres and being able to interact with the inviorment a little more this would add much more fun and i could play this game weeks on end without being bord but as an over all it has a unique experience and i could see it becoming a populer game in the future but for right now im just going to stick to cosmoteer