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its hard to tell depth in the 3d mode like stacking blocks but if the biulding editor stayed the same i could live with that and this next thing may be asking for to much but mabey add a humve like the army jeep for large maps so you can move around faster also talking about speed can you make the enemy walking speed ajustable but will also affect your movment speed thank you for paying attention to the comunety oh and for the guns i recomend a revolver and more costomizalbe side arms a remington shotgun and a springfeild im also fine if these take more than one update or if thay are bad ideas and should not be implemented


Thanks for the suggestions! 

  • Properly gauging depth and perspective can be hard sometimes, I mostly rely on various tricks to get it right (some can be seen in my map tutorial). I haven't thought of a better way to assist this yet. 
  • Adding vehicles is possible but it will take a long time for this to happen. If it does, I first need to add landscapes and AI support for bigger maps, as well as networking-reliable vehicle physics. 
  • Changing walk speed / jump speed / gravity is something I have to avoid because the AI player calculations rely on these values being unchanged. I could allow changing these depending on the map (during map creation only, and for newer maps only). I will consider this. 
  • New guns are generally a big chapter I want to work on, I certainly will consider them but I prefer to prioritize other things first.