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I am attempting to do online multiplayer with two other friends, but I can't seem to get the mod to start a server at all, for it seems that my port remains closed. I have verified the previous version (v1.111) creates a server on the internet. Does the new version (v1.190) of the mod start a server that can be seen across the internet or only on local area connections?


It also appears that my sound has completely stopped functioning, except music and the damsel call out sound effect. I do /music 20, but the music resets back to 100% when i start a new level. This happens across both versions. How did this even happen?

See if you have allowed the game in firewall? It'd be a separate entry unless you overwrote the same executable. I don't think anything changed about how the networking functions between these versions.

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I've allowed it through both public and private networks, but the connection still doesn't seem to exist.