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As always, your games have a specific aesthetic and set of play mechanics that hits some combination of nostalgia for me that I love every time. Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top maybe, but I love it!

This world is a bit unsettling, but somehow endearing. Like Hollow Knight without the scent of Tim Burton all over it.

The boss attack patterns are a good combination of esoteric and challenging that make me feel satisfied every time I finally take one down. I am looking forward to finishing this chapter, and chapter 2!

Oh, I found a potato guy!

P.S. Corn Person in the background was my favorite person. 

"Nostalgia with a coat of weird goo on top" is a blurb I'll definitely take! I like that it's hitting that mark for you. Thanks so much for playing & your comment!

Oh and you found the hidden potato beast! 

Are you stuck on a particular fight? If you are having trouble with one, there is a skip you can do. Let me know if you want this forbidden power! (This goes for other players too: I'll tell you, but only if you all want the temptation of knowing it!)

I'm not stuck yet! Had some troubles with a couple, but just got to the double... asparagus heads (?) and decided to continue later. Good to know if I need it, though!