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A nice game, i really liked it.

Just wainting for the update *^*.

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y'know, I think I might need to ask for an official PSA concerning the wording about the public releases; "by the end of the first week" gets too many people thinking of it as in "no later than the first Saturday", but from what I've seen, it's more like "by the seventh day of the month". That said, I'm hedging metaphorical bets on Indivi fertilizing Rinny on the tail end of the 7th (around midnight), as seems to be the trend.

... speaking of fertile Rinny... is she gonna have sprites (and, more importantly, lewd scenes) when she's baking a bun in her oven? just asking for, uh... a friend... >w>


7th day, not just on weekends XD. And yes, preggers Rinny has appropriate graphics/scenes~.

Wow, I can't believe I downloaded and played it before seeing the reply! xD just noticed it now while I was posting my thought about it. thank you very much for the game Indivi! x3

Nice~ XD


It's up!