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Thank you, everyone.

As for my laptops specs, I am pretty useless at things like this but this is a link to the info on my laptop: if someone with more knowledge in computers can see that it's my laptop being rubbish then do let me know haha.

other than that I have tried it on all the settings avalabel and none have really improved it enough to be played.

I'm not surprised you can't run a game like Raft with those specifications. That thing was probably made like 7 years ago around the time Windows 7 was still brand new. Heck, I'd be surprised right now if you told me you can even run Minecraft with decent FPS.

Your system memory also seems like it's limited at 2GB, and overall everything just seems very outdated due to the age of the laptop.

Well that's why i thought the game would work as Minecraft and World of Warcraft work completely fine on here. I'm not a gamer so I don't have the best and newest thing going XD I spend my money on my hobbies and use this laptop as the large screen is nice for my digital art.