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I've finished this game! It was amazing. Brought back my memories. Graphical effects and highres textures make this game look much better. And also swithing between day and night is cool. I could see how the game looked before GOTY. Errors occur more often. Some times windows with "Property not found" and also with information about some different variables opens. Sometimes clicking yes fixes everything but sometimes it doesn't work. Game is cool as before, even cooler, but I thing you should add km/h system for players from the rest of the world (and maybe remove invisible walls)

I'm looking forward for the 6th part! I think it will be outstanding (Sorry, but Cartapult is a total CRAP!)


Thanks for your message. Cartapult could have been better, but the missions was to create a more casual physics-based game. Let's not even compare it to the other BR games....