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You can play it with controller, but you can use it only for driving. You can't navigate in menu with it. To drive you use left stick and for nitro you use A button.

I've found a lot of bugs in this game. Cars seem to be too slow (compared with Win 10 version) and also two sets of wheels are generated, original ones and HD ones. And it's annoying, because for ex. at Hound nice HD wheels are covered by original wheels. You should also use these HD models from original Rally Point 4, they were much better.

Are you planning to make 5th and 6th part standalone. It will be cool. I really like 6th part, but in browser it has so low resolution and there isn't fullscreen option. I also really enjoyed 5th part on my Android phone. Why did you deleted it and the rest of your games (like BR Crash n' Burn and Rally Point 4) from Google Play?

It's cool game of course. Everything is nice with this game. Well, only tracks seem to be so short and also Sprysters nitro flames are placed a little bit too wide. But everything else is COOL ;)

Game is cool as always. Graphical effects are better than in Windows 10 Edition of course, but I've seen that you returned to old less detailed models. I don't understand why. This game was unique because it had improved car models (less angular). Why did resignate from them? They were much better than original ones. At least you left these cool wheels (only Hound uses old ones for some reason) and Tsunami has the same shadow bug on trunk like in Rally Point 3 and also ForceZ does have Z letter reflection, although it's not here.

Mine too, mainly because of music and now also graphics and nice cars of course ;D

Hey I've noticed a bug in this game. Look at Tsunami's trunk. There is a black square on it and it's not a shadow. Can you consider fixing it?

Cool :D

And please make also BR Shift and Redline Rumble. BR Shift has had such nice remixed soundtracks!

I have it from Steam! Is this version any better or is it the same game? Anyway, It'ss really cool! I've finished it all. It's cool that you added cars from previous parts. You could make an update with some unused weapons (I know there are some from the wiki) Also can't wait for the 6th part! 

Could you please also make BR1 and BR2 standalone. I also miss these games! And please add KM/H unit to your games. It will be way more readable for players from the rest of the world!

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I've finished this game! It was amazing. Brought back my memories. Graphical effects and highres textures make this game look much better. And also swithing between day and night is cool. I could see how the game looked before GOTY. Errors occur more often. Some times windows with "Property not found" and also with information about some different variables opens. Sometimes clicking yes fixes everything but sometimes it doesn't work. Game is cool as before, even cooler, but I thing you should add km/h system for players from the rest of the world (and maybe remove invisible walls)

I'm looking forward for the 6th part! I think it will be outstanding (Sorry, but Cartapult is a total CRAP!)

Oh my! I've finished the whole game! It was so nostalgic. It's nice that you can finally put new rims to your cars and remove tuned bumpers. And thesesgraphical effects makes this game look much better! Sometimes errors occur and for ex. some things gets white or music is gone or error window opens (some times clicking yes fixes everything, but sometimes it doesn 't work and you have to click no and them game crashes). 

Oh my I've just bought this game. It's awesome, brings back memories. It's my favourite Rally Point game, mainly because of the music during the race. I love it! This version is much better than the original one but I miss this "WROOM" engine sound when you start. Also you should add ability to switch to km/h, cause to be honest 90% of the world uses it and every racing game provide switching units.

Why won't you upload this game on Steam?  More people would know about this game, and more payment optins will be available (for example PaySafeCard, which I have).