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That was a fun little game! ^_^

I'll admit that the controls weren't always wonderful--I often felt at risk of accidentally choosing something that I didn't intend while going through the lines, especially on runs after my first. Perhaps something like arrows to move and advance text, but not to choose options, and space or enter to do that?

I also would have liked a bit more variety across playthroughs--new customers or requests.

With all that said, however, I really enjoyed the experience presented! It was short, sweet (literally in some cases ;P), and had a wonderfully dreamlike atmosphere. (I think that the music helped rather a lot with that last, as did the palette, the sparse use of artwork, and the simple controls.)

Overall, very well done, I think, and a lovely game. ^_^

Thank you so much! :) The feedback is very helpful, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately the Bitsy game engine only has arrow key input but Ill find a way of improving that for my next game :) 

Ah, fair enough! I wasn't aware that the engine had that limitation. And I'm glad if my feedback has been of help! ^_^