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a couple of things:

1. Though it runs pretty great in WINE a Linux native version would be much appreciated.  This is a type of game Linux users would love!

2. the screen seems to be cut off for me, might be my not normal aspect ratio of 21:9 but the command line towards the center gets cut off, and after I launch buddy sim I hear things being printed but the screen remains blank, thinking its above my line of sight.  Couldn't get any farther than that because I'm guessing there's some options I need to choose from but I can see what they are to choose.

Excited to see if these (mainly the 2nd one) can be fixed, because this seems like a really cool and interesting game that you don't see a ton of anymore.

Can confirm that the cut off of the text seems to be due to aspect ratio.  When I ran it on a more normal 16:9 screen it worked great.  Also can confirm it works great in WINE as I was able to get through the entire game.  Overall great experience.

Hi Pyro57! We were just about to respond. Yeah, the game was built for a 16:9 ratio, but we'll look into changing that for the final version of the game. Thanks so much for pointing that out. So happy to hear it works on WINE too. Glad you enjoyed! :)