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Your video was super enjoyable, and we seriously appreciate you taking the time to shout us out at the end. We really enjoyed your energy and are really excited to see more of your content in the future. Keep up the good work, and thank you for paying your taxes.

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Originally, we made this for the Weekly Game Jam. but we actually started too early. Because of this, we don't feel like we'll be allowed to submit anything since we technically started before the Jam began. We might still submit it to see what happens, but due to the surprising amount of recognition we've gotten, we're actually quite happy with leaving the game here!

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Thank you so much for playing our game! It seriously means a lot to all of us. Your reactions were top notch. We especially loved how you introduced it! We are just so thrilled to have talented content creators such as yourself creating videos for our game!

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We appreciate it! We absolutely loved watching your video and seeing how you slowly picked up on how the money mechanics worked. Keep up the awesome content. <3

Thank you so much for doing your taxes. Your video was a blast to watch, and we're super thankful to see some talented Youtubers taking a stab at our game.