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Hi everyone !

We are almost at the end of the jam, and well, today I didn't finish what I wanted to do and I want to sleep :D. Tomorrow is going to be a long day !

11th day devlog

Last room !

The bathroom is done ! It's not significant for the game because you can access to it at the beginning of the game, so I'm sharing it with you :) Also, it's very simple because, well, I still have no time for polishing !

New decors and items

I add a lot of new interaction with the other scenes : most of them to start a story and understands the world, Fluffy history and hobbies, working relationship between Waffles and Patches and so on.

Next steps

The game is done at 95%, but I've to test the full game from start to the end of game. Pixel drawing is probably over for the gamejam. I guess I won't have time for interrogating the witness : it depends of how many bugs I found tomorrow :)

Thanks again for your feedbacks, and good luck to finish your games if you are part of the jam !