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Fun game, though I could win most matchups by spamming W with no punish ;) Also i don't think the "hold start to skip" functionality is working right on cutscenes.

The eternal easy AI, I added difficulty settings in the options menu, but I feel like even on the highest level, the almighty leg sweep still deals with them pretty efficiently.

I think the hold start to skip thing just takes an eternity, because I set it to like 10 seconds. During testing I'd always think it's broken myself, until it started fading out. Should probably be lower in the next demo. Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Captain Dreamcast can you fix your OOC Game Loading Screen Please that will be Nice of you like make it load quicker

Yeah, the web version takes forever to load, it has to load all of its assets before starting so that can take quite a while. The game's assets creeping close to itch's 100mb per file limit doesn't help there either. I haven't really fiddled with the settings and options for the web version creation in a while, so I'll put some time aside and try to make it faster. Thanks for the feedback!