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Hey man! Love the art style here! I'll say something that probably nobody has said before and what is the main reason this game is fun - good graphic design.

Violent game, dominantly red, supporting colour black associated with negative emotions. It's a really nice touch to combine to make the graphic theme match the game theme and one that many game makers never think about. Good job!

Why no web version tho?

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Wow! Thank you so much for such kind and great review!

there are web versions, but not here haha, I Like to only get my .exes here in I'm more like a .exe guy.

Take a look at these links:

I know I played it on newgrounds!

Are you the guy from Hug me I'm cold? yes you are hahaha! Loved your game. even I got kinda depressed lol

Haha then my game did its job! Good luck on your next games!

Thank you! you too!