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Did you take inspiration off of the LD 34 game LadyBug by any chance? I can't help but feel like this game is too similar for it to be a coincidence :P interesting visual style choice though, kinda reminds me of The Final Station.


I thought the same thing! Feels a lot like LadyBug, just with less ceiling climbing

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Oh, I didn't know about that game! but it seems to be an awesome game. we just thought 'hey, let's make the bad guy the protagonist!' and the ideas came from that decisition hahaha. we first thought that the main character should be an Zombie but then the idea itself didn't convice us for us so we thought 'Hey, why not a badass monster from an experiment lab?' and that quite liked us!

Edit: LadyBug it's PRETTY similar haahaha wow! even the blood lols. what a coincidence!

Edit 2: Your artstyle is pretty beatiful Makorie, any chances to make a portrait of me? :P hahaha

glad you like my art :) (and if you were being serious about that request, feel free to e-mail me and we can work something out-.)

And ah, interesting. Think it was a good decision to work with a monster figure than a zombie honestly, heh- regardless, congrats on making a game for a game jam! I hope this game and your team get more support in the future-.


Probably will do then! and Thank you! indeed the game has some good reception, people actually liked this game! we're going to probably work on more deeply in this project once we finish another one. Code red even got a honored mention right here:

(Wish they could have recorded something more interesting and updated but heck! still being great.)

Also got featured in Newgrounds, Kongregate and we got top 83 out of 1600+ entries of the game jam.