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Hi there.

The official website link in the description seems wrong.
First off it unnecessarily redirects via Steam, then it redirects to a seemingly unrelated site (with self-signed cert). Please fix.

Nice game, I got it during the Halloween sale and played it for a couple of hours yesterday. I think it is mostly held back by the UI, which I find to be convoluted, overloaded and taking up far too much screen estate. I encountered a bunch of other issues and it's often hard to tell whether it's a bug or I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Builders insisted to repair all damaged buildings rather than building a new one that might have saved the colony. Builders sometimes didn't harvest nor get the stone required to build for unknown reasons. I can't figure out how to build new log roads, but the road builder happily repairs pre-exisitng ones. Manual install on Linux is a bit cumbersome since multiple files need to be marked executable first (at least start script and jre).
My first colony, on standard, didn't go well. First people died of heat (in the spring), then someone died of dehydration, then they died of starvation and the last remaining survivors got eaten by Zombies. Afterwards I could not continue playing because apparently for that you need migrants, so I had to reset the map. I was surprised that the world didn't get re-generated, it is exactly the same, only without my failed colony. Maybe peaceful mode is better for first time players.