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Nice game mate!

I wasn't expecting the speed to gear up at around 110 beans or so, that caught me off guard! ; )

I think that there should be a 'Chain' or 'Streak' feature for collecting consecutive beans, which shows at the side of screen and resets once a single bean is missed, this could be used to clock up high score by attaching a multiplier to it. . .

For example:

25 streak = x 2

50 streak = x 3

100 streak = x5 (Because that is sodding hard!)

150 streak = x10 (And yes I have got a 150 streak...and I have video proof.. lol!)

Other idea would be a power up, fart boost or 5 seconds flying time.

And there should be a fart at the end of game, comparative to the amount of beans collected, that would be funny!

Oh and remember "Beanus Lives!" 

The speed up is time based, but I think I'm planning on changing it. At the least I'm going to add in a slowdown and have it swap between them to try catch you off guard. :p


Loving the updates, it's surprising how much challenging it is now!

The coffee bean boost works well too!

Don't think I'll be getting a 151 chain again anytime soon!

Keep up the good work!