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Loving the updates, it's surprising how much challenging it is now!

The coffee bean boost works well too!

Don't think I'll be getting a 151 chain again anytime soon!

Keep up the good work!

I love this game, it may be a simple concept, but it's executed so well!!

The game is beautiful to look at, the rendering of the pixel physics in real time make this a true feast for the eyes and the game play is fast, frantic and somewhat rewardingly addictive!!

If you like roguelikes and pixel platformers then you won't go far wrong with this one... 

Go and check it out!!

Nice game mate!

I wasn't expecting the speed to gear up at around 110 beans or so, that caught me off guard! ; )

I think that there should be a 'Chain' or 'Streak' feature for collecting consecutive beans, which shows at the side of screen and resets once a single bean is missed, this could be used to clock up high score by attaching a multiplier to it. . .

For example:

25 streak = x 2

50 streak = x 3

100 streak = x5 (Because that is sodding hard!)

150 streak = x10 (And yes I have got a 150 streak...and I have video proof.. lol!)

Other idea would be a power up, fart boost or 5 seconds flying time.

And there should be a fart at the end of game, comparative to the amount of beans collected, that would be funny!

Oh and remember "Beanus Lives!" 

I received an early access copy of this game for review purposes, big thanks to RedEmber for that!

So here is my honest, in depth review and opinion of the game so far.

It's a pretty slick little hack n slash rogue-like title, come and check it out!!

I simply love your game so far, I hope my viewers will too!

Good luck with the rest of the development, I can't wait to play the finished game!!!

P.S huge shout-outs to the pixel artists, the game is truly beautiful....a piece of art!!

Check out my YT video of the demo here: