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How? Did you think about this while playing? Or did you know you could do this? It helps me so much to speed things up, I really want to be helpfull! Dont you think it will help other people?


You could just say. This game works with a cheat engine.

To be honest most games probably work with that cheat engine. But leaving out the details on how you speed up time kind of feels more like clickbait for views.

I made a video to explain how to use the cheat engine if people don't know, I will edit my original post so its not as ""Clickbaity"!

Sorry to dissapoint you my fellow internet user, that was not intentional.

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It was more an fyi than a flame. With all the clickbait everywhere online atm, you know how it is. I'm sure there are just as many people that are interested in that cheat system as there are wondering why you didn't just state to begin with.

The bonus is now you will get 100% visitors interested in your videos. Instead of a 50/50 and possible lightsaber XD.

Thank god there are still normal people online :p it has been very hard to find those recently! Thanks for the advise good sir!