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TRUTH! I also did not think the game was to easy, it was just right ;)

Very nice game, just one question is it supposed to end like this?

I hope you guys keep making some new games, if so,I'm looking forward to it!

Nice, leuk dat ik dat kon herkennen aan jullie namen :D groetjes terug!

Very nice game guys! Keep it up! Zijn jullie per toeval van Nederland? Aan de hand van jullie namen dacht ik dat als dat zo is: super spel en mooie graphics!

Awesome game you made sir! If I had to choose between battlefield and this I would definitely choose Call of Duty.

All jokes aside, Awesome free game you must check out!

Thank god there are still normal people online :p it has been very hard to find those recently! Thanks for the advise good sir!

Sorry to dissapoint you my fellow internet user, that was not intentional.

I made a video to explain how to use the cheat engine if people don't know, I will edit my original post so its not as ""Clickbaity"!

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This is a very awesome game and I enjoyed my time with it a lot, but if you are still developing and you don't mind I would like to give you some constructive criticism. I feel like the game lacks a real objective, in the beginning the objective is to necromance bigger and bigger monsters but you could maybe create levels in which you need skills to necromance as many warriors as possible and then fight something or I don't know, I am not a game designer :p To end a a more positive note: I found this game very fun to play, it was very polished with awesome music and a great artstyle! Keep it up!

I made a short YouTube gameplay video if anyone cares:

How? Did you think about this while playing? Or did you know you could do this? It helps me so much to speed things up, I really want to be helpfull! Dont you think it will help other people?

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I found a way to speed up time to x2 or x5 or how many times you want in the current version of the game. This makes it so you dont have to wait an eternity to get money to start buidling on new rooms. I do this using the speed hack in cheat engine, if you don't know how to use this, I made a little video tutorial about it, hope it helps some of you guys!!

The video: