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Personally I think the melee attack is nice; I really enjoy punching around with the character - but the same I can't say for the shooting attacks; it's almost useless. I  guess I understand the idea of nerfing shooting attacks (since in most games it's indeed the shooting attacks that are OP) - but you really did go overboard here XD. Maybe you can add ground enemies that can be more easily dealt with by shooting than punching?

Also it would be nice if in future additions there is a way to heal (healing item drops?) - I finished this barely alive. That is... unless you are planning to subject me to another Hollow Knight trauma... :P

Hey Ran, thanks for playing! I'll definitely be revisiting the ranged attacks; based on the current reception, it's clear they aren't fun, and that's no good.  Healing items are also a must. I just didn't get to them ;-;

I'm planning an item system, healing drops, or maybe both? We'll see! I keep planning too much, so maybe I'll cut the item system...

Thanks for the feedback, very helpful! I'll be updating this sometime in the not so distant future, I hope you'll give it another spin then!