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I would say you installed it right since it shows the 'Dimesional Crystal' there, the jailer, nurse, chef and combat group were displayed on the main screen either because in the previous build it was a bug that it didn't show it or my request at the matter was approved. Furthermore  even if its your starter slave she isnt excluded from the 'Constent System' which means you can only bring her to combat if you get her consent  about it

Thanks for answering my questions, at the least i know that i did not do something wrong now. And about my starter slave, I could take her with me regardless of consent. (What i mean is when i asked her if she would fight for me the answer was a clear no, but i still could select her in the companions screen.)

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For now, it is not a bug, because according to the v0.7 patch notes:

" Consent Expanded
Removed the Consent Check for any unique characters (temporarily) to eliminate quest immersion breaking blocks",

And the starting servant also counts as a unique character.

Ok. I guess i did not know that. Thank you for that one.

Yup, what he said. The 5.25 Mansion is restored and for simplicity the party consent is only for non-unique slaves (to avoid breaking any specific quests needing them to go somewhere right away).