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Hi everyone !

Almost all the game is done without the interrogate part. I have 3 days to do it, it's going to be really challenging :)

10th day devlog


2nd floor is done. I have a little room to do on the first floor, and it will be all done ! I just need to make an other scene for the interrogate part, if I have enough time.

Start screen

I've done a little start screen, I tried to not spend a lot of time on it (1 hour). I'm working 4 hours/day for this gamejam, and now time is running out :)

Next steps :

Tomorrow, I plan to finish the game without the interrogate part. I will do a "small" release : if I don't have to time to finish all I wanted to do, I will share, at least, a playable game with a full story :)

See you tomorrow !