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interesting game, as in I'm not entirely sure what the point of gathering resources for a village you just warped to. perhaps you could give the players character had more of a motivation to help, from the cutscene I just got from it, I'm bored let's do something. 

or at least make the theme more obvious in the story, give it some stakes. 

for example, he could be a scientist working on a teleportation device that misfires and sends him back in time. then he has to use his knowledge of I dunno quantum physics or something. to build a machine to get him back to his own time. since he is so out of place when he arrives he's worshipped as a god and has to keep them happy or else they will eat him. biding his time and secretly building a portal back to his world. 

you could end this however you wanted to. maybe some thief gets to it before he does and gets sent to the future. unaware of this the player returns to the future where it is all messed up and he has to send the thief back to his own time.

 that's pretty cliche but with the time you could think of something better.


gameplay-wise it's about what one would expect from a short game jam though I am impressed by the number of features are actually in the game. 


art for game jams is hard due to time limits. but the extra effort does go along way to help with the visuals. 

in the cave might I suggest using a custom tile editor thing or rule tiles like in this unity tutorial 

 and use it to give some less blocky shapes in the mine. 

just a disclaimer i didn't finishes it, due to the motivation issue mentioned above. but I did explore a bit and I think I've seen most of what the game has to offer. 



Thanks for playing! 

we don't have a lot of experience with Unity, 2 of us, had only 4 h  of practice with unity, and that cost us so much time to understand why the code does not work as intended.  it was our first time making a game jam, and even a video game project when you need to focus on Assets and gamelogic not only the code, and because no one of us has studied this topic or had experienced, we had to improvise assets, sounds and everything :D

amazing you were able to do this much with little to no experiance. gamejams are great for learning arnt they? dont forget to keep practicing and improving for the next one you do 

yes, I hope to have some free time and a team to make another one in the future ^^