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Why is the SMG burst fire? Was it really that hard to make it automatic? Also the hit sound is louder that the gunshots. Would be nice if there were some kind of powerups or something to help you in a pinch. Also i think you should add a muzzleflash when you shoot. I think using the whole mouse wheel is unnscesary, especially when you cant just move it a bit and change the gun, no you need to scroll up for the second weapon and down for the first one, no other way. I think there should just be a "swith guns" button. You probably also should make some more sounds, because i want to hear my enemies getting exploded into guts.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

Un-automatic SMG is a gameplay choice I made, of course it is simple to make it automatic but I won't ;). That's a balance issue, automatic SMG would have been too much powerful...

For the rest, I consider this game "done", with all its defaults and lacks, it's my first game (and I am proud of it !). I'm working on a second game (a top down shooter too), exploring different ways of basic gameplay.

Have a nice play !