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Hi, thank you for your advices and feedback. This game is no longer in development, but I'am thinking about a new one, when I'll have time ;)


No, this game is no longer in development. Thank you for playing !

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

Un-automatic SMG is a gameplay choice I made, of course it is simple to make it automatic but I won't ;). That's a balance issue, automatic SMG would have been too much powerful...

For the rest, I consider this game "done", with all its defaults and lacks, it's my first game (and I am proud of it !). I'm working on a second game (a top down shooter too), exploring different ways of basic gameplay.

Have a nice play !


Petit jeu subtil et bien réalisé, intelligent, sur un sujet pas si facile que ça. Bien joué :)

Wonderful Art, I love it. Color palette is very nice and animations, impressive. Great job !


I present you the final version of the game I've been working on for a few weeks : Zombie Arena !

This is a fun and nervous 2D shooter (PixelArt) where you have to survive as long as possible with unbroken zombie waves.

You will have a dozen of weapons available to overcome four different types of enemies. Each arena is procedurally generated at the beginning of the game. A game lasts in 3 and 5 minutes, and your best score is systematically recorded.

The game is free, made as an amateur on my free time, so do not hesitate to give me a little feedback !

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did to realize it.

The link :

Have a nice play :)

Zombie Arena has been updated !

New weapons, balance improvement, more challenge...

Have a nice play !


I just released an alpha version of my shooter game : "Zombie Arena". It's a shooter with procedurally generated arena, where you kill zombies. Lot of zombies. Five weapons are available, and four ennemy types to shoot in a pixel art designed crazy shooter game.

Did I say it was a shooter game ?

Here's the link :

Have a nice play :)

(I will be glad to read your suggestions, or ratings !)

Hi !

Thank you for your commen.t !

I'm currently working on new content, like different zombies, more weapons and some lootable stuff (life, ammo...). Oh, yes, ammo will be limited next time :D

Thank you for playing and enjoying the game :)