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Thanks for playing guys, looks like you had fun! this was actually my first game. I'm glad i made a tough challenge. i liked a lot of the suggestions you made, particularly the comments you made about getting some level changes when picking up the keys. 
i'm going to save all these ideas for a sequel though, as for my first game i think Hallowed Candy is all it needs to be right now .  I should've put the characters name in the game too. she's called Pipkin. 
Thanks again for playing.  

hi. just wanted to let you know "Hallowed Candy" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it won Best Arcade Game (12:54), Best Holiday Game (1:13:50), and mentions for Best Controls (1:08:57), Best Character Design (3:07:30), and was a Top 10 pick (3:53:22)


wow :) thanks so much guys! Really am honoured to have been picked as best arcade game AND best holiday game. really have been enjoying watching your videos and its been great playing all the games. cant wait to see more.