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ah, i just remembered the other day that i was saddened by this page's lack of comments and that i was supposed to leave a comment here saying this is the best game ever


that is all

game's writing and art were amazing. and i really enjoyed the attention to detail throughout the story. excellent work

didnt cry, but still enjoyed the game. neat that it's gb homebrew playable on emulators. excellent pixel art and music. is the ost available anywhere?

excellent game! it's amazing what was made with just 3 images, 2 colors, and 1 song. overall great game and presentation, but i'm not surprised given who made it

i played this for my indie game showcase "Indie Hunters." it has excellent pixel art and music. but my god, it was hard to do well in the game. i didnt get very far, not sure if i was missing something. that said, it was still enjoyable, but i think it might need a rebalance. just a thought.

also i liked the rabbit character. very cute, but an asshole lol. also congrats on releasing your first game!

perfection once again. this and ABC are two of the best games i've played this year.

when i first played this game, i didnt know what to expect. but i ended up liking it a lot. i like the simple pixel art and color choice. and the music suits the game very well. the controls were very responsive and jumping on the ghosts was fun. could use a ghost combo counter though lol. excellent game

nice game. i liked the cute humor and hand drawn intro images. the golem's my favorite character. i look forward to playing the sequel sometime.

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i liked the game, a cute little rpg. i loved the sprites for charlotte and amelia, and the small jumpscares. with the intro warning, it's interesting to see a game that is tame with it's scary, whereas most games try to be the MOST SCARY thing ever. it's the first time i've come across it, and i'm sure some people can appreciate a "scary-lite" game with a little bit of scary that isn't trouser-soiling scary.

good game, but could use maybe 2000 more guns

this game was good but hard as fuck. i didnt get very far, but enjoyed the presentation, the pixel art and parallax scrolling. i also think it's cool that you updated it long after release. i appreciate when devs do that

god damn, i love this game. it's a great horror love letter to the old mindscape games of the past. but it also has a lot of heart in my eyes. it's janky and weird and crazy, and to me, that's what true indie games are. it's proof you don't need mind-blowing graphics or gameplay to make a great game.  excellent work and already one of my favorite indie games of all time. i look forward to playing the sequels sometime.

this was an excellent game all around; an arcade classic. graphics, music, gameplay all were exceptional. it also taught me that zagnut was a thing, so big thanks for that lol! look forward to the next game y'all develop!

as spoopy as this game was, i persevered and had a blast playing it. let it be know that i was the first modder in the spoopy house modding scene ;)

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i chose your game for an indie showcase i co-host called "Indie Hunters." i felt compelled to let you know that i am the current world champion of sp00py game. in any case, nice little game you've made. really had that splatterhouse vibe. wish you well with future game development

this was an excellent game and one of my favorites from the jam. the presentation and humor were spot on, and a fully featured version of this would be awesome. kudos for making one of the best games of the jam imo

this game was great and one that caught my eye with the animations. they were very nice and creative. i thought this was a "troll" game done right, where dying was actually fun. there were too many games (i played 600+ CGJ games) that had false instructions with no payoff other than dying and restarting.

i ran into a couple of bugs while playing, but id say they enhanced my experience lol.

this was a great game that really stood out with its excellent art style. and it was one of the best games out of the 600+ jam games i played. i look forward to any future development on the game. it would be really neat to see

excellent game and a well deserved 2nd place. the presentation and design were great. and the implementation of "the game is a lie" was creative and executed well. outstanding work!

i thought the game was great. it stood out among the 600+ games i played from the jam. there were a couple frustrating things, but overall very well done and excellent presentation. kudos

really liked this game. it was one of my favorites out of the 600+ games i played. it was very pleasant and had a nice take on the "lie" theme. it was a well done jam game, kudos

i recently played MITY for my indie game showcase. really great game. loved the pixel art, the atmosphere, and the creativity of the entities. definitely an indie classic. hope the rest of its development goes well!

here's the video that captures my experience with pulcra vermis - initial playthrough, beating version 1, beating version 2

in short, it's refreshing to play a horror game where you solve puzzles rather than shoot at zombies. it has good atmosphere and a lot of potential. it was very good for a college project. it reminds me of myself, the first game i released started as a college project. but we put in some extra polish and released an improved version of the game we were happy with. i wish you well in your future projects

lol i beat the game tonight on stream and just found this devlog. thanks for taking time to make some additions and fixes. eager to check out v2. 

if you're interested in the vid: