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interesting game. very confusing, but i still enjoyed it and was content even if i didn't make sense of every detail. excellent pixel art and animation. especially big brother, that's one creepy sprite!

odd is an understatement *laugh track*

saw the boss video on youtube. glad to hear its still being worked on. would love to see this game go far

great presentation with a nice assortment of words, easy and hard. i liked the minigames mixed in. the level backgrounds felt samey; something more to set them more apart visually would be cool. all in all, good ol typing fun!

a neat concept for a typing game. fun but very challenging. lost count of how many times i died. enjoyed the graphics and music as well. kudos!

this game was pretty challenging and had some noticeable problems with word visibility. but it was still good typing fun. and created in 88 hours no less. kudos

great game overall, but a lot of problems detracted from the experience.

the graphics and music were excellent. and making a game inspired by alien soldier was a neat choice. but setting up my controller was godawful, and the way to rebind it in-game was well hidden. it lacked a volume slider which is common in most games. DARGONSLAYER as the first password is farcical; not sure if that was a typo or some in-joke, but it made me think the password system was broken.

i could go on, but i think the point's been made. i'd love to see these problems fixed because the game is fun but i fear others might not have the patience to weather them.

a great game with cute cutscene and game art. was pretty difficult for someone who doesn't play a lot of bullet hell games (even on relaxed), but still fun nonetheless. kudos! ♥

such a clever game that i really enjoyed. loved the art and music. loved destroying everything when i lost a level, which happened many times. excellent stuff!

cute, short little game with a nice message. love the pixel art!

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great prototype. challenging but fun. amazing pixel art and animation. would love to see this game take off. could easily see it getting funded and then some on kickstarter.

awesome game. really fun gameplay with some interesting objectives to spice things up. loved the aesthetic and music. it would be nice if this was available for purchase on itchio in addition to steam

this demo is a moral victory.

fun game! im not familiar with jet force gemini, but this did capture the n64 look very well. the music was also good. controller support would be nice, but i was able to play with antimicro and my ps4 controller, which controlled nicely. might have been obvious, but i wasnt sure what to do after running out of ammo.

this game had excellent presentation and controls. i had trouble with the lack of ammunition. and i feel like the robots could use some audio feedback. but a good game nonetheless

awesome game! love that it's based on the obscure ps2 gem. it had really cute graphics and great music. i had trouble with controller support, but perfectly playable with keyboard. kudos on #1 music and #6 overall!

crazy hectic fun with great graphics and audio. enjoyed the updated version with the widescreen view. also, has anyone come close to using all six digits in the score counter? lmao

fun, cute lil game that i really enjoyed even though i was bad at it. loved the avatars referencing past works. your games look amazing and are fun to play; this one's no exception. kudos on 9th place overall!

great game with good control and the right amount of challenge. excellent work on art and music. congrats on 2nd place, kudos!

fun game, but maybe too kind to the player. i didn't use my magic and healing items a lot. really enjoyed the graphics, music, and sausage. looking forward to the real ending.

fun little game with an interesting premise. i really enjoyed the art style and the low rez paintings. kudos!

fun little game that is well executed. really liked the pico 8 vibe from the music and graphics. kudos!

didn't know what to expect, but surprisingly fun! great to see coop play and controller support. hope the future development goes well.

really fun and interesting concept for the puzzles, having the free camera and movement. also had a creepy atmosphere i liked, greatly enhanced by the music. eager to see what the final game holds. good luck with the rest of the game's development!

made a video

Here's a video walkthrough for anyone having trouble getting the true ending.

it was tough, but i managed to get the true ending. the game was really fun. i dug the retro aesthetic. but it was also very difficult. "limited resources" was not a lie! and some of the riddles were brain melters. maybe a hint or two could better the experience. a few minor changes could really polish this game. very enjoyable overall

fun game but tricky. the presentation made me think of game & watch. excellent page presentation as well

this game was very fun to play. neat gimmick of the demon removing more and more controls. music and graphics were top notch. i do wish there was a final boss. hard to believe this was a jam game. excellent work

fun little experiment. i like that your games require some thinking. excellent presentation and polish for a jam game. great work!

neat concept for a jam game. was really fun, even if a bit tricky. i think you are already aware of the blue slime's problems, but it was kinda neat to glitch outside the game lol. could use some music but overall excellent work!

yall did an excellent job! game was fun and the memes were spicy. loved the art in particular. 10/10 would drink DRINK again

really fun like the old choose your adventure books. the different story threads were funny and ridiculous. i loved every one of them. only nitpick is that images are turned off by default. i dont know why that's even an option; seeing the art is half the fun!

great game. cant wait to see what completes the rose game trifecta!

more harpy goodness like harpy gaiden. love the graphics and music. only nitpick is the lack of controller support. it would complete this game.

great arcade game with excellent pixel art and neat gameplay. not surprised it did so well in the bored pixels jam. hope you two continue to make awesome games!

a challenging but fun game with great graphics and music. just needs that baby mode lol. also, best ending ever.

something was fishy about those vendors, so i didn't buy anything. great game otherwise

the long-awaited remake!

it's a big improvement over the original. i really like the new aesthetic changes to the castle. and the new puzzles were fun to figure out. it's nice to see the labyrinth has more purpose this time around (and you can escape from it!). and it was cool to see vermis in the flesh! adding a crosshair would be nice to see added since it's a little tricky picking up items and there's so many this time around.

excellent work, hope you got a good grade on it ;) and good luck with recesses of dilemma!

cute lil game. excellent pixel art. the atmosphere was on point. loved being able to turn off the flashlight, even if it served no purpose lol. another excellent LD jam game. kudos!

great game! had really nice art and music.  i thought the perspective change in the last act of the game was a neat touch.  i wasn't thrilled about repeating the game for a shot at the good ending. a flow chart might be nice just because the setup for the ritual is so involved. but very good first impression demo. good luck with development on the expanded game!