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i randomly came across this game in the horror tag and am very glad i did. it was a blast to play. presentation is amazing, love the graphics. and yal's music is great.

i thought i'd give some feedback since i saw this was recently released, and there was a call for it at the end.

- my biggest problem is that there's no way to spend neón crystals, making items finite. i had no healing food by the time i reached the final fight, so it was impossible for me. i ended up replaying the entire game, saving as many sodas/cakes as possible. i was then able to beat the game. maybe that one cake knight can sell more than one slice of cake, and the cake can be pocketed in your inventory rather than used immediately.

- the jump key is awkward. a lot of jump inputs are dropped in the middle of battles. i used antimicro to play this with a ps4 controller, and i had my jump button set to turbo to counteract this. also, you can't combine up with left or right for a directional jump. having to push up, then a direction feels clunky.

- windows defender (windows 10) thinks the .exe file is a virus and automatically removes it. to play the game, i had to disable real-time protection and make a quarantine exception. doing this was no skin off my nose, but i could see this false positive scaring some people away from the game.

i linked some timestamped streams if you need playthrough footage for analysis. all this said, i still love the game. i wish the best for its development.

first stream

second stream

third stream

fun little game. the art and character designs are excellent. the va clips were great too and fit the characters well. never thought id find a naming system so intriguing. i look forward to playing paramedium 2

great mystery game with great writing. i was invested in the story and wish it had kept going. looking up information in the database was cool; felt like real detective work. only disappointment was the large amount of story conveyed through text. given the brilliant aesthetic and how cinematic the opening's camerawork was, it would have been nice to see more told visually instead of through the messenger app

very fun game with just the right amount of challenge. neat looking cityscape you're placed into. music became monotonous after playing for a bit. but overall excellent work!

cute little visual novel. love the girl's expressions and animations. the ui is also animated well; simple, but gives the game character. kudos!

excellent roguelike! neat weapons, fun gameplay, hard as hell, great music. a pico-8 classic

superb pixel art. great lighting. the puzzles were neat and creative. good animation. perfect little point and click adventure

The Real Texas community · Created a new topic 🐍

a fun, quirky, bizarre game. fighting enemies and picking up items was fun. and the music was excellent. im several years late to the party, but glad i was able to check out this game. i look forward to finishing the whole thing sometime.

really fun game; reminded me of super star saga. great graphics and color choice. controller support didn't work, but it was perfectly playable on keyboard. kudos!

awesome platformer. really fun bouncing around and killing enemies. the silhouette aesthetic looks great, great music. really good game; someone stealing it proves it!

interesting little game that taught me about hikdefolk. i thought the cinematography was well done. set a great atmosphere and captyred the action well.  i will say the affine texture warping was laid on a bit thick, but good game overall.

great game! the battling was fun and had great presentation. pixel art is fantastic; really cool, unique characters and creatures. only thing i didnt care for was the dialogue; it felt callous and written for shock value. but it did push the game's uniqueness and was hard to forget. i wouldnt want it changed, even if it wasnt my jam. i look forward to checking out episode 2

amazing little game. everything was excellent:  art, music (love the intro song), voice acting, humor. cant say enough good things about it.

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this game was insane but fun once i learned the ropes. it was fun going fast and shooting up baddies. clipping into objects and getting stuck broke the flow sometimes. some options would be nice like changing mouse sensitivity and volume sliders for the music and sound effects. aside from those changes, awesome stuff. and fwiw, it ran fine on my computer, i5 + geforce gtx 1060 6GB. good stuff!

excellent boomer shooter. the great art and music created a nice creepy atmosphere. still need food

very fun. excellent art, music and sound design. i liked that i could enjoy the game without knowing anything about touhou. can't believe people make games this good in jam amounts of time. kudos

very trippy, beautiful world. loved the designs and uniqueness of each void. neat to see the game had a narrative too. kudos!

neat game. i liked the premise of the story and the cinematic way it was portrayed in the introduction. the lo-fi music was an odd but enjoyable choice. good stuff!

excellent, just like the other xenia games!

lol i just realized it's robert downey jr in the header image

sound test is a neat addition. something so simple, but lets the player appreciate all the audio that goes into a game. wish more games had it

hi. wasn't sure how to contact you since there's no twitter on your itchio profile, but i wanted to let you know that "Side Effects Include:" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2020 stream. it received mentions for "Best Puzzle Game" (45:50)

hi. wasn't sure how to contact you since there's no twitter on your itchio profile, but i wanted to let you know that "Graveblood" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2020 stream. it received mentions for "Game With a Lotta Hart" (2:55:56)

hi. wasn't sure how to contact you since there's no twitter on your itchio profile, but i wanted to let you know that "Deepest Dungeon" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2020 stream. it received mentions for "Best Roguelike" (53:02)

great voice acting. great artwork. great music. a professionally done visual novel from start to finish. excellent work.

this is the best christmas-themed puzzle game ever!

that is all.

this is the best christmas game ever!

that is all.

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic 🏔

this game kept it fresh.

i look forward to it! mummy was a blast to play

a very funny little romp. a reset/go back button or flow chart would be appreciated over having to restart the game at every ending. love the art, very funny and charming. excellent vn

great artwork and music. the perspective changes were neat too. kinda cool to see the dinosaur wasn't the focus of the game. i never found out who was eating the fruit. excellent bitsy game

great demo! the nuanced combat was fun and interesting to see in a 2d action game. i can really see people getting a kick out of trying to master it. great art, great music. i wish the game's development well

delightful little game. fun premise and the art is fantastic. i would love to see any continued development on this game or another with this art style; id give money to play it. kudos!

Pine Creek community · Created a new topic 🌲

cool game. it had an interesting premise, especially as far as gameboy games go. however i wasnt a fan of the edgy dialogue. but i can respect a game that tries to do something different. also, excellent music. ive had it stuck in my head for days. would be neat to see the ost bundled with the gbc version.

your visual novels are perfection; this one's no exception

excellent game with superb presentation. the gameplay gimmick is fun and interesting. and the music is fantastic. really hope an expanded version is released someday.

i must also commend the game's page; very stylish and explains the game's mechanic well. kudos!

great game! cute and fun to play. i like the game's creative gimmick with the ball and how it's inspired by the plot. and i like the speedrunning mechanics built into the game. i wish more games were speedruner friendly out of the box. kudos!

IMSCARED community · Created a new topic boo!

really good game! im glad to have finally played it. i enjoyed my playthrough; very creepy, challenging and so interesting it kept me hooked til the end.

i love whiteface. his design is so creepy and simple. it's what stuck with me all these years since first seeing the game. the other graphics and sound design were also excellent in making an unsettling game.

the core gameplay was enjoyable, but the file interaction bits felt out of place. they became more of a nuisance as the game went on and interrupted the game's naturally creepy atmosphere. i think they were a neat gimmick, but ill-fitting for this game. i feel the game would have been equally challenging and creepy without them.

i thought some of the ways to unlock the achievements were creative and humorous. but i disagree with making the player earn all of them to see the final ending. i could understand the requirement if they added to the narrative or ending, but they felt like easily missed easter eggs that contributed nothing story-wise.

i was disappointed to see the game's effective subtle horror overtaken by obnoxious noises towards the end. but i really liked the final ending where you explore the uncorrupted areas. it was a neat resolution that i can't recall seeing in another horror game.