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Hi! I recently used your assets in a small game, and credited you in the game's description (there's no credits in the game itself due to time constraints).

Thank you for releasing such adorable assets! :)


nice to see that, man, thanks! 

I couldn't stay away from the goblins... This one's got a bit more polish to it :)

I don't have any credits in this one yet but I'll try to figure out the best way to get them in a Kongregate game (comment/description/in-game). Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd prefer to be credited by name vs page.

Thanks again!


hey man, nice level design, i really like the game, good pastime tbh! it would be nice to see this working on android or ios haha good work man, credit me with the page, but if you cant manage to set that, dont worry :)


this 2 games that you make is great! if you want someone to work with, just dm me