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Thank you very much my bro!

But for the time being i'm not gonna be able to work with pixel art.

Sorry for that, okay? :( 

Have a nice day ;) 

there we can talk better

thx bro

i'm thinking of doing a part II for this in the future

we can make something about that pokemon art

my email is

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Well, that's not a bad ideia, but i dont know if i'm that good in drawing characters and monsters :/

i'm working on another pack but this time is a metroidvania, maybe i can implement some kind of monster catch init idk

i cant give it for free anymore sorry bro :c

yeah you can still use it

good job bro <3

if you open the tileset on aseprite, it will show the color palette. 

sorry but i dont rebember which color palette i used

thank you :)

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because i'm poor man i can't survive just with donations

man even i dont know that lmao

sorry for that, maybe in the future i might do a part 2 for this pack

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no, the price is just a way to support me

16x16 is the normal but i made it with the upscale in mind

yeah sure ;)

thanks! i'd be glad to see your work :D

yeah sure :D

its okay ;)

i know, i let griff use it for education purpose

what website? send me the link

yes you can use it comercially but you need to credit me as o_lobster or my profile link.

sadly i cannot give this pack for free anymore sorry :(

thx, good luck with that! ;)

thank you so much! i'm glad for that :D

relax it is free so the money is just a tip :p that i appreciate very much! thank you kindly :D

sorry i dont use the discord anymore :(

thank you very much! :D

thank you kindly! of course you can use it :D good luck ;)

nice! thank you for that :D


yes of course!

yes you can do that, thanks ;)

thanks! well you can add a little effect via code, but idk how you would do that tbh :c

thank you ;)

thanks! yooo thats a really fun game :D congrats!!


well, i usually choose the pallet with less color (4 at minimum), but i recommend that you learn some color theory tho

yoooo thats so nice!! omg thx :D

sure! good luck with that :D

thanks btw ;)

thanks! yeah, those characters were my main inspiration :D