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thank you ;)

thanks! yooo thats a really fun game :D congrats!!


well, i usually choose the pallet with less color (4 at minimum), but i recommend that you learn some color theory tho

yoooo thats so nice!! omg thx :D

sure! good luck with that :D

thanks btw ;)

thanks! yeah, those characters were my main inspiration :D

nice one, thank you! :D

yes of course! thanks btw ;)

well, if you put my profile link i'd be very glad :D

thank you! ;)

thank you ;) yep you can use it for that

thx! maybe in the future who knows ;p

thank you ;)

well, maybe i'll do in some proper time

thank you!

yeah, thats right

thank you! i'll do that in some proper time, but i cant promise you anything tho, sorry

nice one!

but you could've used my other asset pack that focus on a platfomer or metroidvania project, and it's free ;) check it out

thanks for using it tho :D

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yeah, i'm planning on doing the second part of this pack with a village, npcs and more dungeons and maybe a boss ;)

i just dont have the motivation and creativity to do it now :(

my email is

thanks ;)

thank you <3

nice! thank you for using it :D 

i'm glad for that ;)

thank you very much! 

good luck and have a nice day :D

i think it will work on most of the engines

enjoy :D

thank you! ;)

thank you very much for using it!

nice tutorial, it was pretty entertaining to watch ;)

thank you kindly ;)

thank you! :D

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thank you!

please do that and i'll see what type of problem youre facing

well, you can just use the attack effect in front of the char, i dont know how to make the entire animation in 16px

of course! thanks ;)

of course man! be creative ;) good luck

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thank you, i'd be glad for that! :D

thank you for using it! :D its nice that you was able to develop for the gba tho, good work!

thank you very much for that! i'll add those res size for the sprites in some proper time ;)

i added 2 new tilesets images on the folder, just download the pack again

32x32 and 64x64

thats bummer :/
i think i can rescale the tilset for you, if is just the tileset that you need on that size, otherwise you'll have to rescale everything and for that idk how i'd be able to help you, sorry

sure! good luck ;)

thank you! 

you can use this font that resembles the one on the folder:

thanks! :)

well, you can use the grid as 16x16 or even less