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dont mention partner, im glad to be any useful :)

well, i thinking to expand for a more rpg-like, with town center and others dungeons, but i think for now i will do a side-scroller assetpack, i just have to set the proper time to actually do lmao

just credit me, but you can modify if you want, thanks btw :)

oh, thanks for the info man, i gonna change that 

glad you liked :)

call me on discord: olobster#5537

hey, thanks man! but I'll have to pass, I'm not working with pixels or texture yet :c

Post a link of the game, i would love to see your work with my art

Of course man, just give me the proper credits haha

Thanks for the info btw, I knew that sooner or later someone would notice a mistake that I did not realize

lol, if you do not want to use there is no need, I just put it because the edge of the wall would get more "clean" haha

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Thanks man, if you can do something, show me, I would be happy to see.

Wow, that's great, thanks. <3

thank you <3

thanks man <3 i will :)

oh thanks <3