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    Um, I broke the crystal in the fairy forest, and the only thing that happened was a fairy who originally did not want to fight attacked me. What's supposed to happen? It literally traps me there every time I do it, so its the farthest I've been able to progress. I'm going to try the other route now, but why can't I break it and I actually gain the ally, the door opens, something?

    I found nothing in the game files hinting of this "powerful ally", so I couldn't tell which file was assigned to her. There is an animation for the gate opening, but I cannot tell how to activate it. I know its not the end because I haven't seen even half of the characters and I'm already four hours in on my save file.

    Edit: I took the other route, and it works fine. However, both options should be available, and since one seems broken, I cannot do anything with it.

    Oh, one issue. With all the grinding I did to get through Arashia forest easily, Xeoclat Hills and the fairly forest was seriously lacking in difficulty. The boss in Xeoclat Hills was faster to beat. Too bad I couldn't do much grinding.

Did you get the Fejora Crystal? After picking up the crystal and beating the fairy, you should be able to go back to the village.

(2 edits)

    There was no crystal I could pick up. Was it that sparkling thing next to the broken crystal? I couldn't interact with it. I used a different save file the next time I saved, so I can easily go back therer and see what happens. The only things I could interact with was the door, the fairy, and the entrance to the village, where I was only told to complete my objective. I'll load the save again and check later, but I don't think I can do anything.

    Also, I originally wanted to keep this exploit discreet for my own benefit, but with the charms I got in the Xeoclat Hills, I no longer maintain status effects outside of battle. All I have to do is equip them as soon as the battle is over, then unequip and equip on my next party member that has it, and it immediately takes away the effect.

    Edit: I loaded the save and it seems to work now, however, I think I'll use the save that I chose to wait for Uni because I like tanking better than a large amount of attack power.

Alrighty! The exploit is a nice discovery. I don't mind leaving it there because status effects are really more threatening while in battle.