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Hi, just found this game and am enjoying it so far, with a few bugs ofc, as mentioned from others below.

There is something that's rly bugging me (except the keybinds, since i'm using a german keyboard my z is where the english y is, so i had to change to english keyboard, because my finger started to hurt from the stretch)

Anyway, i hope you have this on your roadmap or thought about it, but the feeding is just too op right now. There has to be a limit per "day" or level, or of some other kind. because i can just go, grind some materials and then feed my pet with "infinite" foods. that way my lvl 1 bat has almost reached 200hp in just 20 minutes. Also, is leveling implemented yet? Doesn't seem like it.

Another bug i have, and haven'T seen below, but also didn'T read all of the comments, is that my bestiary is stuck. I was able to use some points on my first pet, and after that I wasn't able to move the quill / curser in menu. Also, shouldn't it be beastiary, because they are beasts, not best like "I'm the best".

Anyway, gonna continue playing now.

PS: Bestiary is unstuck now! Woop woop

Nice magical stones in the desert tileset! And cool mage cats.

There should be key rebinding in the next build.
The level indicator is a placeholder and there will not be a leveling system in the next build released (it has not been planned out).
I've intentionally left the feeding overpowered, since it's just fun to see how overpowered creatures can get for a short demo.
Bestiary is the correct spelling.
Menus should have more button prompts in the next build, so that less people get stuck.