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Hi, just found this game and am enjoying it so far, with a few bugs ofc, as mentioned from others below.

There is something that's rly bugging me (except the keybinds, since i'm using a german keyboard my z is where the english y is, so i had to change to english keyboard, because my finger started to hurt from the stretch)

Anyway, i hope you have this on your roadmap or thought about it, but the feeding is just too op right now. There has to be a limit per "day" or level, or of some other kind. because i can just go, grind some materials and then feed my pet with "infinite" foods. that way my lvl 1 bat has almost reached 200hp in just 20 minutes. Also, is leveling implemented yet? Doesn't seem like it.

Another bug i have, and haven'T seen below, but also didn'T read all of the comments, is that my bestiary is stuck. I was able to use some points on my first pet, and after that I wasn't able to move the quill / curser in menu. Also, shouldn't it be beastiary, because they are beasts, not best like "I'm the best".

Anyway, gonna continue playing now.

PS: Bestiary is unstuck now! Woop woop

Nice magical stones in the desert tileset! And cool mage cats.