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Thanks for sharing you r solution tak_asn!

I remember hearing of a similar issue before. In case tak_asn's solution isn't working for someone, you might try to set the permissions for the FPVFreerider app using a chmod +x command. Since I don't own a Mac myself I'm not very knowledgeable in these matters, but here is more info on this:


Open a terminal window (CMD + Space -> terminal);
Using the cd command, navigate to the place where the application is stored: cd <path_to_application>
Run chmod +x <application_file> to make it executable. If it doesn't let you, sudo it:
sudo chmod +x <application>

(Your command should look something like this: 
chmod +x "/Applications/"
adding sudo at the start if needed).


sudo chmod +x ~/Applications/

or, for Freerider Recharged:

~ chmod +x /Applications/

I also found this info:
As recent versions of MacOS doesn't have run everywhere option in GUI, you either have to disable Gatekeeper compeletely (sudo spctl --master-disable) or selectively enable given application: sudo spctl --add /Path/To/