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    Ok, I have some issues that need to be addressed. It took some time, but I have  mastered the early game and found out pretty much everything mechanicswise

    First off, there is absolutely no way to know where your secret money stash is. Because I found out about it too late, it ruined all my progress during my retake of Basic Combat I.

    Second, the game doesn't tell you anything about how to do things until you do them. This may not be bad in most cases, but it also played a role in ruining my progress. How was I supposed to know that some items you get are for late game, not early and vice versa. I'll explain a bit more later.

    Third, it is too easy to grind in Basic Combat I. By learning the enheal spell, you are able to earn more mana potions then you use, and there is an approximately 3:1 ratio involved (with turn limits taken into consideration) with using spells to regain health during battle over using the potions. You can literally find the enemy that poses the greatest challenge, fight it, leave the area, return, and fight him again to level up to level five before it slows to becoming frustratingly slow. During the retake, there is one added monster that beefs up grinding, and with the addition of a friend(s), it is way too easy to grind all over again to level up insanely high.

    Fourth, the boss it too unefficient to beat. It is very easy to beat him, but even with my tactics, you use most of your usable items, which could be very useful later. It is possible to grind to regain them, but you might battle inside the school before you return ouside, which made me delete my first save in favor of making my next playthrough more favorable and learn the mechanics more, in which I ended up employing several strategies for beating the boss more efficiently, which I did eventually.

    Fifth, whats the point of adding a loading screen that is rarely ever seen, and if it is, its only for a split second?

    Now that I have mastered the early game, I am ready to tackle late game. I might to a VLC stream me showcasing my strategy that probably no one will ever see, so I guess I'll record it.

    Suggestion: Check out Elchronicle, specifically the mission featureitis a mobile game that I think was also made using RPG Maker, but I think it uses some of the same soundtracks as Lawmage Academy, specifically the one that plays during a mission. Doing so may prevent copyright issues in the future if this game hits mainstream.

Thanks for the suggestions on the balancing issues! You made some nice points here. They are well noted!

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    Also just found a more serious issue. When creating your name there is a button that says page. Selecting it will take you to a page with various letters scattered across the box. The empty spaces are selectable, and they count as spaces in the creation of a name. I was able to exploit it to add spaces to the end of my name to fill the slots, which ended up adding a suprisingly large amout of space in dialogue boxes whenever my name was mentioned.

    It is also possible to get stuck. At the save point in the Soulstace house (only known location), theres that dark haird npc who usually hangs out near the desk. If she moves in the tile touching the corner of the chair tile at the wall or in front of the chair and you talk to her, there is a possibility that she will stop wandering. Because there is a two tile gap between the desk and the wall, and the chair takes up one as well as the npc, you are trapped by the desk.

    Also, the latency when using the WASD keyboard configuration is for some reason occasionally higher, much too high for sufficient maneuvering, such as any sudden turn.

    Sorry if I'm commenting too much.

Hey don't worry about it I appreciate all the feedback and bug reports! You've been very helpful. I will work on as much bugs as I can to prepare for the next update!