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This is delightful for a number of reasons. Back in the paleolithic age, some buddies of mine and I that were working together on a linguistic computing project on an IBM 370/138 wrote a bunch of programs in SNOBOL4 to do just this - text only, of course, but they still run in my Virtual XP mode. We could specify number of rooms, level of complexity, and other parameters as well.


There are stairs leading down into an antechamber. The chamber is square, 40 x 40 in size, with two passages leading off to the southeast.

Room number 2 is rectangular, 20 x 30 in size.
The door through which this room is entered is a secret door made of metal and is locked with an invisible button on the right side of the door. In addition, there are 3 other exits from the room.
There are 12 skeletons in the room! There is also treasure here, which is contained in stone jars and is hidden by an illusion. The trove consists of 3000 silver pieces. In addition, you find 750 gold pieces here.

Room number 3 is trapezoidal, about 3400 sq. ft. in size.
The door through which this room is entered is made of wood and is open. In addition, there are 2 other exits from the room.
There are 3 shriekers in the room!


I'm delighted that someone took up the torch and brought this idea into the 21st century! <3


A text based dungeon generator actually sounds super awesome for solo play! You've inspired me to build my own game lol. Do you have any insights or tips for designing the logic behind the dungeon generator?

My initial plan was to create a generator that would generate stories (just text) about wandering in such dungeons :)

There will be a post where I'm going to outline how my generator works, but actually there are dozens of algorithms of all kinds for creating dungeon maps.

Cool! Did your generator take the geometry of a dungeon into account? I mean was it possible to map a dungeon following the descriptions or it was more like a graph without specific coordinates for its nodes?