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sounds good :) i'm just sorry i cant play this i bought it on another site which is closed down and cant remember what it is called but do you maybe what it was called?

It was probably Disura. That site went under, I think someone bought out the rights but hasn't done anything with it since.

soo you can not help ??  it may sound silly but i have a page on pornhub WeLoveGiantess where i make gameplay video i could make a video on the game so can get it for free a do not like to pay 2 time

If you can send me some evidence of your purchase, like a purchase confirmation e-mail and or a product key or something like that, then I'll give you a key for Otherwise I'm really sorry.

I can try but I don't think I can long agothen I have to buy it when the time comesand remember you talked if you wanted it on steam ?? if it does I buy it 100% there