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i just hate youtube i do not trust them

it happens when one has too many subs

fun game 7/10

a little sad news

i had to take video down from youtube because they think it was too naughty :( so i will try to do something on my twitter

I wish it was not just furry :) I will probably buy it here for next month so I can make a video on it if it's ok? :)

my side

WeLoveGiantess (@WeLoveGiantess) / Twitter and   (1) We Love Giantess - YouTube

What's this about?? even though the game is free it's not ok i come in and can not do anything at all?

not good

a just love it is soo cute and fun  :)  4/5

 <a href="<a href=" https:="""" welovegiantess="" status="" 1364332160812015624?ref_src="twsrc%5Etfw"">February" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> 

no part 2?

ok :)

a very strange game but I love it and look forward to more :)


is there a way to cheat in the game that is easy?

i've tried it here but it does not work or I do not know how to do it

i have tried everything i do not know how to do it :)

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic cheat

can i cheat in the game?

is this game dead??

ok after so long and what has come ?? not really new i miss your old games

sad is only for mobil

hi i love giantess and shrink i would hear if it is possible that you can make more of it ?? i hope you will reply i made a lot of video about your game on my pornhub page

can you make more giantess?

I really wish you just focus on one thing and make it work well instead of doing so many lacking modes that he keeps rebooting. I know this comes off as negative, but I've been watching this project on and off for a long time. At this point, it really doesn't seem like progress.

and i'm glad to hear :) because i feel ay when there is a new update coming from your site then i just feel it is a new game that will be bad i like what you do with mini games:)

hey zanzibar i hope you listen to people a little bit and not just listen to the good things people say ?? and also listen to people who are a little disappointed with what they have done you've made so many of these games and left all the good stuff for new things I even swan some of the old stuff you made but I can't play them because they are gone forever :(

I hope you will want to answer here or privately

i am so disappointed you are working on so many things at once and deleting good games and putting out new things and this one is so badstop making this game and make it a 2 or something I want the old games back as you diddisappointed when evere time you update

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I have a very hard time giving a review but I try I have played a lot of giantess games and this does not play a game that is good but not bad either? i feel like the game is giving up after 20 - 30 min and not want to do anything new i played it and it was ok fun an ok story and ok gameplay but after some time it's just the same and the same in 2 hours and it happens nothing the same music the same voices just disappointed but what do I like about gaming? i like mini games they are fun and like there is little video trying to make a story should you buy the game ?? yes and no since the game was released then the price is fine but today there are so many better games that cost the same but you for 100% more entertainment Mutant Colossus from Outer Space Should Be Free Why? because then you have a chance for it to reach more people and then you can hope a new game will come but just with a little more love

i love and hate this game

has taken video down as there is an error coming up soon

I can try but I don't think I can long agothen I have to buy it when the time comesand remember you talked if you wanted it on steam ?? if it does I buy it 100% there

soo you can not help ??  it may sound silly but i have a page on pornhub WeLoveGiantess where i make gameplay video i could make a video on the game so can get it for free a do not like to pay 2 time

sounds good :) i'm just sorry i cant play this i bought it on another site which is closed down and cant remember what it is called but do you maybe what it was called?

will not a new giantess game come from you soon ??

This game is dead :(

love seeing people don't like what i write without answering why :) because what I'm saying is the truth about this game

i am disappointed you have made everything and taken away many good things and now that something new has come for 3 times you will not correct the errors that are 5/10

i can't use nuclear :(and are disappointed you take away all the old stuff that you have made

a can not run from the to fast?

i have trouble getting past the guard what do i do well first but when i go to the door where weapons are they come after me

Girl In City (v0.1) community · Created a new topic Dead??

is this game dead?

Cool :)

Girl In City (v0.1) community · Created a new topic 3/5 :)

hey made a little video about your game i hope you like it

i want to say i will give 3/5 it's not good mend one is free and i think there can come some fun stuff in the game

A love this game is soo cool