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will not a new giantess game come from you soon ??

This game is dead :(

love seeing people don't like what i write without answering why :) because what I'm saying is the truth about this game

i am disappointed you have made everything and taken away many good things and now that something new has come for 3 times you will not correct the errors that are 5/10

i can't use nuclear :(and are disappointed you take away all the old stuff that you have made

a can not run from the to fast?

i have trouble getting past the guard what do i do well first but when i go to the door where weapons are they come after me

Girl In City (v0.1) community · Created a new topic Dead??

is this game dead?

Cool :)

Girl In City (v0.1) community · Created a new topic 3/5 :)

hey made a little video about your game i hope you like it

i want to say i will give 3/5 it's not good mend one is free and i think there can come some fun stuff in the game

is this game dead??

A love this game is soo cool

It's fun enough but I can not play it so well there is so much lag

Good to hear

why are the no more update a do not hope you are stopped

i love your game i hope there will be more giantess could possibly make one not with big breasts or a teen giantess ??

and there is a problem with playing with going into cars

I have made a little video for you

a love the new update :)


cool :)

I just wish you might spend more time on the game so people would like to help you with money you have not spent time on the map and model in the game

I liked your other games

but I hope you keep using this graphics and maybe do something else until you've gotten better, maybe I'll give you money too

 I like the idea but think it's all for a big game for you

I would like to see you make a game where you made a game that was less and easy to do for you

like giantess as it is in the game

but everything else looks so wong

I hope you understand and can create a good game with giantess but as it is now I do not think it's good