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Nice! Thanks for the thorough feedback man I really appreciate it!

The torch idea is good, I will probably improve that.

Yeah, my plan was that you should not regenerate life when going up/down the stairs. It's still in the game, haven't fixed that ;)

Have you used a spear against the little dragons? Also works well. But yeah, the bow will come!

Yup, I plan on adding monster drops for upgrading and crafting special items.

I'll try how having more overworld maps feels like, but that's actually a really good idea!

Have you found a note in a dungeon as a reward? It points to a "Clearing" in the current biome. In each clearing there is a stone "chest" in which there is the actual reward. It's sort of like a treasure map you find in a dungeon, get it?

Yup, villagers will say a lot more in the future!

Thanks again for the feedback! :)

Ok I understand the clearings now. I did find one of those maps earlier in a dungeon and just went back and found the treasure since my computer is still running witht the game open ๐Ÿ˜‚ Got another ascension orb ๐Ÿ˜ Cool feature! 

Regarding the dragons, you might want to consider more progression from the early levels just because even the first one I ran into was pretty hard. 3 heads with a steady fire stream and him physically chasing me around the room if enough to make non lesser experienced Zelda 1 players rage quit...luckily I was good enough to beat the second quest back in the 80s so not me! ๐Ÿ˜

...but anyways, since you probably don't have a ton of bosses finished I would start with one head, slow movement speed, alternate attack (exploding fireball or maybe a scroll like power) and maybe short fire bursts and then increase one of these attributes per dungeon level. So by the level 30 or 40, the dragon would fast with alot of abilities and 10 heads!(which is probably enough heads and upgrades). You could also add different elemental dragons to vary the progression even more.

Lastly. I was just reading my last post and realized I had a huge typo and wasnt very clear...I meant to say:

-give certain BOSS enemies (like orc bosses) MORE items and item switching abilities/different attack types at progressivily higher levels. Imagine a level 40 Orc boss switching weapons, setting bombs, and using scrolls ๐Ÿ˜. The higher the level, the more options, health,  and switching rate they have. 

Come to think of it, Wizard bosses could probably be implemented in a similar where they primarily use one scroll like power with no other weapons in the beginning and gradually get stronger and more varied....wizard camps or outposts might be fun too.

Just some ideas for your brainstorming

Nice! Yeah I like the dragon stuff. I've already thought about stuff like that but haven't implemented it yet :) Will definitely come tho!

Yeah the humanoid bosses will be more intelligent and use more items the higher level they are! They actually already use health potions, have you noticed that?

I'm not sure if Ive seen it yet. Does the loading bar appear over their head when they use the potion?

No it doesn't. But they have the same drinking animation as the player and of course you can interrupt them ;)