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So glad I stumbled across this game. Completed everyone 100% and I'm really glad that I did!

First of all, the art was fantastic. Love the character designs and CGI. They really add to the atmosphere that you were working towards!

Game design was also great and I had a blast playing through it! The sections with a ton of options were absolutely nerve wracking and panic inducing, so a great thing in a horror game.

Writing, characters, and story were super engaging. Everyone interested me and I really couldn't put down the game until I uncovered every single thing that this had to offer.

Sound design: phenomenal. One of the best I've heard in a LONG TIME!

I only wanted more but can see myself going through it over and over again regardless. An absolutely superb game! :D

Well I have good news then. We'll be uploading a Halloween update soon with some new scenes and sfx added in. (No new art though, she's been overwhelmed with work.) A small taste of what to look forward to once we finally announce the kickstarter. =P

Oh man, I'm super excited to see the update in that case!! :D