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Oh he is SUCH smug bastard I had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing this game. Dialogue and character voice are so so SO good. The mechanics of the game itself are simple but because of how much I enjoyed listening to him speak I would always click to go back in immediately. Sucks you in. Please play this game I really recommend it

Another person without Twitter popping in to say I would buy on itch!

Did you extract the file? You have to right click the file, select "extract all" and wait for the load to finish. After that the file should pop up with the game. If not then def a different problem.

The chemistry between the PC and Crowe is unmatched. It has been an incredibly long time since I've played a game where the romance has been as electric and exciting as with this game. If you love these types of games, please please PLEASE play this game. It's incredible. I'm beyond excited for the full version and will be keeping my eyes open for it!!

Oh man, I'm super excited to see the update in that case!! :D

So glad I stumbled across this game. Completed everyone 100% and I'm really glad that I did!

First of all, the art was fantastic. Love the character designs and CGI. They really add to the atmosphere that you were working towards!

Game design was also great and I had a blast playing through it! The sections with a ton of options were absolutely nerve wracking and panic inducing, so a great thing in a horror game.

Writing, characters, and story were super engaging. Everyone interested me and I really couldn't put down the game until I uncovered every single thing that this had to offer.

Sound design: phenomenal. One of the best I've heard in a LONG TIME!

I only wanted more but can see myself going through it over and over again regardless. An absolutely superb game! :D