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It's extremely confusing at the start. It'd be incredibly helpful to add in some sort of hint that I'm supposed to exit the room. The TV static, in my opinion, is much louder than it needs to be, especially when it goes on for as long as it does. The story is very, very confusing too. Maybe I'll understand more after playing more of your games, since they all seem to be connected?

Also, it'd be really nice to have a sign of some sort when your games end. Some end on a black screen, while some use the black screen as a slow transition. I'm never quite sure if the game is over, or if it's just changing scenes.

Otherwise, I kind of like your games. This particular one isn't at the top of my list, but I like your style just the same. Crisis Line and Moko's Advice are fantastic, in my opinion. Are your games in story order? Should I start at your oldest one to understand the story better?

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The Oblivion Parable, The Oblivion Parable Reprise, Second Soul, I Am Alone, Quiet Us, I Am Alone Too, Black Noise, Silent Way, I Am Not Alone, Last Day, Mauvairdenai, Out From The White, Smiles Incorporated, Fax Vex Puix, Death Metro, His Little Game, Moko's Advice, Dead Blood, Let It Go, Should The Stars Have Eyes, The Doomsday Crisis Line, to the HeIghTs oF MY HEART, Scrawl, WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD LAUGHS.

You're fantastic, thank you. ♥