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Portrait Prophecies

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We are not aware of any laws in any country that dictate you cannot submit a game to multiple competitions. However if you are talking about the competitions themselves, none of the competitions our game is entered into prohibit it either.

Once again people using social media to boost their entries with biased players. And that is even if your excuse is to be believed; considering you claim to have asked them to look at other projects besides yours, yet every single disposable account that appeared exclusively only commented on yours. You also say you asked them to vote but they did not vote, not even on your entry.

That is not very consistent. However we are not interested in a debate about it, the pathology is obvious.

First in every category, with a comments section filled with positive remarks made by accounts with no other activity on them.

No ratings and only one comment on the actual game page itself though.

If you find that the later stage difficulty is too high do inform us, as we have not fully determined how balanced it is.

If it was a black screen, yes.

We fundamentally cannot do anything with "the game is slow" because you do not specify what part of the game felt slow.

The threats have been specifically designed to be on par with the players capabilities. However players have to be patient and tempered in order to be effective as every action has an inherent vulnerability. It will feel very limiting and inadequate if you do not position yourself to always be at an advantage when you act. You cannot be aggressive like you would in most other combat systems.

Yes, just like everything else.

The instructions are listed directly below the game in the description and in the installer.

There is nothing we can do with "the game is slow" as that could pertain to anything.

There is nothing we can do with "the game is slow" as that could pertain to anything.

The instructions are listed directly below the game in the description and in the installer.

It is likely that neither of these things are compatible with the itchio desktop application you are using. The HTML5 is for your browser and our exe is an installer, the desktop application is probably only designed to manage game exes themselves.

What did you feel lacked explanation?

Even our most intensive game runs on the browser just fine. It may perform better for you if you downloaded it directly.

Unfortunately there was not enough meaningful dialogue to give that specific series of events a larger breadth, as the current chapter accounts for a specific day in the life out of many others. The sudden events at the end are inherently less effective due to how short the game is prior, and so there is less immersion which makes the end less believable. It not being the true end also means that it is not meant to be the last thing the viewer sees, and so it being the current end leaves the viewer with no time to digest what happens while the story continues. It is as jarring as any mid-plot twist would be if the plot ended there instead of continuing on.

Both of these issues should be resolved by our future additions of a chapter which is played before and after what is currently playable. It is highly unlikely our game will win this competition however and so its prioritization on our development schedule is uncertain.

We prioritize accuracy over conventional theatrics, and thus not all our stories follow desirable plot progression as in reality things do not always happen climatically. Viewers may or may not find the result appealing however the story remains true to itself all the same. Although, the ending of what is currently playable is not the final ending of the story, as there is still a chapter worth of undeveloped plot before and after the current playable chapter.

If you appreciated the style then you may wish to try some of our other games, which are all made in the same likeness.

Ride the death metro in search of something that was lost. 

Shoot, stab and run from the trembling passengers as the blackness slowly consumes each compartment.

Your passion for the story is very pleasing to us, the game is planned to be expanded in the future; however we are currently focused on another large project at the moment. You will likely find our other visual novel Fax Vex Puix to be pertinent to your interests.

It is very good to see a player who is vocal of their appreciation of the story. 

You would find Smiles Incorporated very interesting most likely.

We are glad that you enjoyed them. 

The story is planned to continue in future releases as it is now our primary focus, there is indeed much more to be told.

The definition of the kind of entries that are accepted is not fully specified. The types of entries listed in the Entry Format suggests that literally any form of creative work is generally accepted as long as it relates to literature on some level and is not a full scale novel. However, the name of the jam and the random references to light novels suggests this is supposed to be about creating light novels.

This is very confusing as light novels are a very specific literature format, but half of the jam description acts like this is not about light novels while the other half does.

And so which actually is it? As this is the entire basis of the jam.

"Graciously declining" a prize they did not earn is a pathetic excuse for not removing the game from the competition that it will win by cheating. Just as garnering attention for your game being normal is an awful excuse for allowing it in a competition dependent on games receiving natural unbiased attention.

It would have been more productive if you just said outright that you think using social media to artificially win a competition, is acceptable to you, because then we could have identified this as a lost cause to begin with and not wasted our time.

But it is unfortunate that any person can just start a jam, because that means that situations like this can happen where an entire group of people take the time to design games all just for a single random jam they found; only for all that work to be made pointless because the management of the jam is allowing participants to just cheat to win. So now all of these participants have been denied the right to compete properly, which was the entire reason they came here, because of you both.

Just generally unfortunate. Hopefully you won't host another one again as to not waste more peoples time in the future. Or, next time you can outline that only people with a bustling social media page should bother to enter as they will be the only ones with a chance of getting in the top three. Either way, signing off from this atrocious display of flippancy. 

You cannot say this is a "collaborative experience" instead of a competition when you are literally offering prizes to the winner. There is no winner in a collaborative experience, nor are there prizes. And it is a jam, which is inherently a competition in and of itself.

The spirit of competition is about winning fairly, and using outside advantages to artificially prop yourself above opponents is completely unsporting and against the point of competitions. It is not about who makes the better game, it is about who has the most outside advantages. Who has the most friends, the most social media followers they can funnel into the ratings. Thus you have a game that has four times the ratings of every other game and all of them blatantly positive and biased as they came from friends and followers. Not because it is a good game, but because the developer has followers on social media.

Absurd, but most of all disappointing. Honestly this is not even something that should have to be explained. The entire point of this event is ruined as the top game has been decided by exploitation; and so the rightfully deserving game will not be given that place nor the good advertising that comes with it.

We already explained how using your social media and friends contacts to bloat your ratings in a competition which exclusively depends on your ratings; completely destroys the sport of the competition. This is a highly basic concept to grasp, you should make an effort.

You are just another trackless account which has shown up exclusively to artificially charge the ratings of this persons game. Currently they have four times the ratings of any other game here, and are now guaranteed to win because of this imbecility. Not because this game is appealing or well designed, but because they exploited social media to give them a massive advantage over everybody else. If they even are, this is probably just all one person and their squad of alternates.

As said, winning a meaningless competition by cheating doesn't make you a better developer.

If your excuse is to be believed, which we have no reason to, you are still breaking the sport of this competition. Because this is, a competition, and thus by inflating your ratings and comments section with biased positive feedback from your friends you are giving yourself a massive advantage over everybody else. Thus it goes from being about who has the best and or most appealing game to; who has the most friends and or social contacts.

Hopefully this does not destabilize the competition as is. These horror jams are imbalanced enough with 3D games being allowed to compete in the same fields as 2D ones. 

All three of the below accounts were made recently, and have posted nowhere else except right here.

This game also has an unnatural amount of ratings compared to the amount of time since ratings began being accepted.

Unfortunately for you, cheating won't make you a better game developer.

She is somewhere inside this quiet house. To win the game you have to find her six times.

He is somewhere inside this quiet house. To lose the game he has to find you once. 

Planned expansion updates have concluded as far as we are aware, if you are waiting for such it is true now.

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Today is the last day. Before leaving, perhaps the other employees deserve a farewell. Health insurance does not cover meetings with other employees. Be aware that some employees are extremely tall, sometimes psychokinetic and possibly transcend the physical plane.

MrKravin seemed to enjoy his time in the house, but he did not save her.

You found both final endings yes, although what you think triggers it does not actually trigger it.

Yes. There are two ways the knife can be found, after picking it up there are two different possible outcomes afterwards.

If you escape you will know when it happens, everything changes.

We were hoping you would notice it seeing as you have been the most diligent player we have seen so far.


There are fifteen possible endings in total. Thirteen normal endings and two final endings which are both found after escaping. However finding all the endings is not mandatory due to how obscure several of them are, the only real goal is to escape at all..

There are ten different endings in total. 

One of them you will only get by goofing around.

This short journey focuses on walking, jumping and dodging to advance.

Use each of the arrow keys to guide them.

Play the game.

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In which sections did you experience a need for trial and error?

This short journey focuses on walking, jumping and crouching to advance.

Use the arrow keys to guide them.

Change the world.