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More specifically what did it look like when you got stuck? Could you interact with the tutorial UI while stuck? Was the X visible, was it not responding when you clicked it?

The second issue should now be fixed, although a potential problem was resolved in the tutorial scroll as well we cannot replicate a situation where it would get stuck. If you could describe what exactly happened then that could help.

It is unfortunate that the game is not working, for you, however we cannot troubleshoot this problem with zero information; which is what we have acquired from your comment.

You need to infect them to progress, as the tutorial note specifies.

Yes, there is a time limit on each stage.

You should be able to click on certain objects in the environment to hide.

Your comment was not phrased as though you were asking us in particular for advice.

You missed something.

A black screen is typically the end.

The game has recently received a major overhaul, it is likely far more improved from before.

It is generally possible, but we cannot make any meaningful assurances in regards to our future projects.

Try using it somewhere in the area you found it.

We just finished replaying the game to ensure it was possible to complete. Extremely vague complaints such as these are entirely unconstructive to us. 

While there are parts of the game that may indeed be harrowing, we were able to pass them after a few attempts. Unless the bar is set very low, it is generally not possible to design obstacles that every player will assuredly be capable of passing with ease. 

Without further information we have no way of knowing what your capabilities are as a player, and thus how your experience correlates to the fairness of our game on average.

The vast majority of our content does not feature this type of demanding gameplay, so there are many other games you can try which likely will not pose this type of problem for you.

The game window can be resized but unfortunately complete fullscreen is not supported.

Our games usually end in such a way, there are generally not many credits to give.

More information is required to pinpoint what exactly you are referencing. Lore related questions may be asked in our Discord server, due to the awkwardness of obscuring spoilers on

This particular game is silent for a reason yes.

We have since moved on from this particular style of design, but there are still quite a few iterations in it yes.

Approximately five.

Decreasing the size of the game window, particularly by pressing Restore Down, may alleviate slowness. If you are playing the game in your browser, then trying a different browser may also yield some improvement.

Probably try clicking underneath the table.

We have temporarily changed the game page font in response. However the ingame font is an identical pixel style. The tutorial note reads,

Stay away from Him

- Hear knocking : Turn off Lights

- Door Opens : Close it or run

- Lights turn off : Turn back on or run

- Hear Footsteps : Hide in closet, table or shelves

Find Her Six Times

- She cannot be seen

- She is heard when your cursor is close to her

- Touch her until she hides again

Most of our older games use a pixelated font. Our primary games that do not are: rain reader, A Hemorrhage of Time, Which Breaks the Silence, Weirdfyre's Legacy, cybersus, The Swell of Emptiness and Death of the Party.

It is one of our older canonical works, we generally do not hold it in very high esteem. Although it remains relevant all the same.

Fingers and thumbs are different parts of the hand, hence why they have different names. They can be called digits as a whole, but individually one is a thumb and four are fingers.

The games have been mostly released in chronological order, Weirdfyre's Legacy is the most recent event currently.

Probably around five.

All of our games, eventually, end with a persistent black screen.

If the playable section of the screen was larger it would be more difficult to see and click on the moving objects, as you would need to move your cursor much greater distances to do so. 

We've never heard of the game size being a problem, it's possible you're playing the game on a smaller resolution than intended. And this game does require a certain reaction speed to be playable.

We generally do not comment on things like this, if you're looking for lore explanation then one of the players in our Discord server may have an answer.

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By May first the game will have lost its initial favour with the search algorithm. It would be beneficial to have a translation sooner. 

If you give us a list of all the Portuguese dialogue in the game, we could put it into Google Translate then clean it up ourselves for you. And if actually adding that text into the game is what would take so much time, for now you could make a devlog post showing the list of translated text.

But otherwise, you should consider uploading versions of your games that are playable in the browser itself. It massively increases the likelihood of your game being played, as many users would rather play a game in the browser than have to download one.

Not sure where these downvotes are coming from. Translating the game while it is still fresh in the search algorithm is objectively beneficial for its release, as is making it available in the browser; a highly sought after venue.

Will an English translation of the game be coming soon? Or even just a reference sheet for what the English translation of all the text is. 

The game is listed as being in English, and the game description has an English version, but the game itself doesn't seem to.

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Effectively censoring games from the search engine if they're branded as having "sensitive content" and the only way to turn that off on your account is to dig through the options menu is extremely anti-developer. It's basically a shadow ban, for anything from having actual sex scenes in your game to simply even mentioning sex at all. 

For erotic games it's not a big deal because users will be deliberately seeking them out, so it doesn't make a huge difference in clicks potentially. But for other games that aren't in an explicitly "adult oriented" genre yet are given the "adult only" tag it completely buries them. Since the only users that will see the game are ones that have "sensitive content" toggled on, yet the main users that will have thought to toggle it on aren't looking for that kind of non-erotic or non-violent game. So the game just won't be seen.

It's ridiculous that the search engine even censors games out to begin with, for the very reason of it being effectively a shadow ban that locks users out of seeing your content if they haven't thought to toggle on the asinine "sensitive content" option. I doubt itchio even tells you that option exists when you make an account, you could browse this site for years without realizing.

The "sensitive content" brand should just be replaced with the option to display a popup when your game is clicked on, like the 18+ disclaimer some pornography websites have, and the popup displays a variety of potential content warnings you can choose from in metadata. Users have to click to "verify" they meet the "age requirement" or whatever and then it lets them see the game page.

You cannot win any experience created by Portrait Prophecies. It is simply a matter of whether you reach a conclusion enforced by us or enforced by yourself.

We recall that there are approximately five different endings. One is more canonical than the others.

Oh nice, we are glad you enjoyed the game then. We have several other choice driven games like this, such as LiE oR DiE and The Doomsday Crisis Line if you wanted to try them.

Portrait Prophecies is always open to the possibility of making our content more accessible. However that was not your question. Your question was if we would add a new feature to our game exclusively because you in particular want it. Our answer to that question is no.

The blackness is the end yes.

Without more information there is nothing we can do in regards to giving troubleshooting advice. However we can confirm we have never received any reports of this occurring with other players.