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Portrait Prophecies

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A short pixelated visual novel about Mr. Smiles, a decrepit businessman, and his establishment Smiles Incorporated, a decrepit business. Smiles Incorporated is almost exclusively staffed by kids and teens which have varying levels of respect for authority and or Mr. Smiles in particular. Mr. Smiles has consistently low levels of respect for kids and teens. Smiles Incorporated does not guarantee that employees will have even a remotely good time with their jobs.

Features hit-or-probably-miss humor, a cast of diverse quirky characters and potentially sensitive subject matter. Has no progression saving functionalities, and requires approximately a half hour to an hour of time to play through.

Planned expansion updates have concluded as far as we are aware, if you are waiting for such it is true now.

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Today is the last day. Before leaving, perhaps the other employees deserve a farewell. Health insurance does not cover meetings with other employees. Be aware that some employees are extremely tall, sometimes psychokinetic and possibly transcend the physical plane.

MrKravin seemed to enjoy his time in the house, but he did not save her.

You found both final endings yes, although what you think triggers it does not actually trigger it.

Yes. There are two ways the knife can be found, after picking it up there are two different possible outcomes afterwards.

If you escape you will know when it happens, everything changes.

We were hoping you would notice it seeing as you have been the most diligent player we have seen so far.


There are fifteen possible endings in total. Thirteen normal endings and two final endings which are both found after escaping. However finding all the endings is not mandatory due to how obscure several of them are, the only real goal is to escape at all..

There are ten different endings in total. 

One of them you will only get by goofing around.

This short journey focuses on walking, jumping and dodging to advance.

Use each of the arrow keys to guide them.

Play the game.

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In which sections did you experience a need for trial and error?

This short journey focuses on walking, jumping and crouching to advance.

Use the arrow keys to guide them.

Change the world.