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If you're on Windows, download the file, unzip it, then change to the harmony_2019XXXX directory and double click on "harmony_2019XXXX.exe" (XXXX is for the date and time of the build, which I can't remember right now...).

If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll need to download the, unzip. Then download Dr. Racket Scheme for your platform from Then start Dr. Racket, the File -> Load "harmony.rkt" and "Run" (button on the right top of the IDE window).

Hope that helps! Thanks very much for taking a look!

Thank you for the reply, it feels very nice, loved it. That would be even nicer if there was a relaxing background music and images of the buildings as in the house instead of text.

And I guess I broke something, clicked space twice at some point and started getting this error message:
"first: contract violation
expected: (and/c list? (not/c empty?))
 given: #f"


I would very much have liked to do music, even off-the-shelf royalty-free needle drop can add a lot to the ambience. However, Racket out of the box is terrible with sound. I was hoping to experiment with SDL on this project to fix that, but no time. I'll see what I can do on the next one!

Thanks for the bug report!