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Oh my... Thanks for this comment, it really warms our heart. You will find indeed everything you said on the game and we hope you will love it as much you liked the demo. On the other hand, we must warn you, Lioren will be the last released path since there is huge plot in it. :p  Anyway, seeing people excited like that, is really helping us to keep going so thanks again to support us. It's precious for us. 

PS : For the misspeling, we are lucky to now have a proofreader, which should help destroy them all for good *evil music*


I'm up for the wait, I always save my favorite for last anyway so that works for me, but now you've really got me intrigued :)
I'll be following along closely and you'll probably get more rambly comments from me in the future lol.  Anyway, have a good day everyone!