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Hey so here are my thoughts:

-Really beautiful title screen
-Nice tileset and graphics
-this is minor, but that portal has some real nice animation
-I've been using VX Ace for as long as I can remember so I'm not sure if controller support is standard
nowerdays. But anyway, great usage of controller support.
-Respect for getting all these plugins to cooperate with eachother

-Maybe set the game to select "Load game" first instead of "start game" had to restart the game launcher a few times cause I accidentality pressed "start game" 

-The story is simple, but its nice and sets up the game nicely.
-The combat is nice. I'm not so much into turn  based combat personally, but I can appreciate a good system.
-The text is on one side of the screen - since the game is fullscreen you should make use of the screen.
-The text also has a lot pauses, not sure if this is intentional but I found it a bit off putting.
-The day/night cycle is way too long, and I feel the rain is a bit frequent.
-Few bugs like keys stopped responding

-I've opened every chest, looked in every barrel, got Luna in the party. But I have been stuck in the quest where you have to get to the cave to Fairylit Way for half an hour. (Do I do something with the bomb?) But yeah, getting stuck in that area for so long began to try my patience.

But overall nice game, at times I thought I was been playing a professionally made game. Keep working at it, I think it'll be great.

(Also, interesting how both our games use a blue portal as the plot device that takes our character to a new world lol)

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The door to the cave is directly north of where you start after exiting the portal. Theres a switch nearby to open the door and turn on the torches. Grats on finding luna, most people skip here or don't find her haha. The rain being frequent is actually a lore thing. The world you are in is "in darkness" to b e cliche about it, but with that, comes rain that seems to almost never let up. You get a hint of that, through an npc that's not far from where you were. All things about the world and lore are found through NPC dialogue, or lore books that can be found. Thank you for playing the game and giving some feedback! The game is far from done and my big update coming in a month addresses some of the issues you have here. (also, the bomb you find, is to help against the golem, as it is a fire bomb and the golem is weak to the fire) But it's not stated in game what it's used for. I left it up to the player to figure out it can go against the golem.)


Alright nice! I'll try get further with the game