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Hi, yes that is planned. I've actually been meaning to do that for a while. I'll get on it soon.

Awesome! Also, could you give insight into which games you put on steam versus Are all destined for Steam, or will some always be exclusive to Patreon,, etc.? I'd love to buy Night Ripper, but it doesn't seem as easy to find. Also, what is the difference between Puppet Combo and Vague Scenario LLC? I thought VS was your new brand, but The Glass Staircase included both, so I'm not sure. Also, do you use VHS Pro or PSXEffects from the Asset Store to get the ps1/VHS look? Also, what do you think of games like September 1999, Helltown, or Lost in Vivo, which take some similar inspirations? A lot of curiosity, haha, I've just been a huge fan since Babysitter Bloodbath. Keep up the great work!