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Still a No-Go after editing settings as instructed below. Verified JAVA is up to date and all that simple stuff.

"Zulu Platform X64 Architecture is not responding"
followed by creation of an error document : 

Failed to write core dump. Minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of Windows

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as reading the reviews and staring at the gameplay screenshots has me in a FrEnZy trying to get this demo going!!! Thanks in advance for your help.

Hmm. I'm not sure why that would happen. You could maybe try to download the Linux version instead and run the .jar file directly?

Nah no help. You need to just release the game as is and let me buy it! Haha.

It's not like putting a pricetag on it would magically fix it though :)

Do you use Discord? Would you mind hopping in our server ( ) and maybe we can figure it out together?

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I am experiencing the same issue on mint 19.2. The executable crashes and the jar does nothing when i try to run it (yes, i chose to try to run it with openjdk)

edit: also, the demo ran fine on mint 18.3, (no crashes or need to run the jar)


Thanks for that report! I'll try to look into it.


I've uploaded an updated build for Linux (0.5.2), which ran on Mint 19.2 when I tested it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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No worries, Thank you making this great game and supporting linux. Planning on buying the full game when it comes out :D

Edit: The updated version works! thx again!