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Oh, that's because there wasn't a dialogue at the point where you saved. The little description is the content of the dialogue. We can make it have the time of when you saved if you want. Let me know :)

I normally tend to save right on top of choices. In this case it was quite early on, when first interacting with Mr. Goat, so it's not that important. ;) I went back and now get what you mean... most VNs I've played tend to show a little thumbnail of the scene, along with some dialogue and the time the save was created. Meanwhile this game uses a simpler form of that. I now understand its not a bug but intentional by design... so nevermind me. :)

Ah, I see I see :) I'll probably add the time of save the next time I update, to make it more clear. If there's anything else, feel free to tell me <3