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Os is Windows 7 64 bit

I downloaded it off the itch.io website not the desktop app I will try the desktop app if that's what you mean

Edit: I launched it off desktop app and it worked fine my apolgies

Glad to hear it's working - but it should also work from the file download section. Did you try running the exe?

For me I looked in all the folders and I could not find an .exe file but obviously there is one otherwise the desktop app would not have start it but idk which folder it is in I checked macOS, Frameworks but not resources yet.

Alright - we'll take a look at the DRM files to make sure everything is there. Anyone else having this issue?

Hey Tortoise - it sounds like you may have downloaded the Mac version of the game. Make sure you select the Windows version from the download page.

Oh my bad I did start the mac version of the game weird how it still worked through the desktop app though. Sorry

No worries, glad you got it working!